15 Things to sell during Christmas to make extra money(2020)

15 Things to sell during Christmas to make extra money(2020)

It’s not new that as we expect Christmas the price of goods will increase and for this, you can leverage this season to make cool cash, all you need to do is to read this post cause.

I will explain step by step guide on how to sell kinds of stuff during this period.

There are some items you can sell quickly to make extra cash during this Christmas period as we all know that things will be in higher demand cause people are always willing to buy something for the Christmas celebration.

You might be wondering or thinking if you have enough money to buy or import things to sell but don’t worry, I will explain how to get things at a cheaper price and you simply sell it at a higher price to make money during this period.

15 items that are in higher demand to sell during Christmas

  1. Clothes


Clothes are in higher demand during this period, people actually want to buy clothes to look good during Christmas and even the new year celebration.

There are ways you can buy clothes at a cheaper price and you sell them at a higher price to make profits. You can simply buy clothes from Aliexpress, Alibaba and you ship it to Nigeria then you can sell them.

You might be confused about how to sell them, don’t worry cause the internet today has made things easier for us. You can sell them on social media or eCommerce websites in Nigeria like Konga, Jumia, Payporte e.t.c.

2. Christmas decorations

During this period Christmas decorations items like the trees are always in high demand because people actually make use of them to decorate their house not only that schools make use of the Christmas decorations items to decorate their school because of Christmas carol.

You can leverage this opportunity and you’ll make profits, You can purchase the decoration items in large quantities and sell them at a higher price to make profits.

3. Turkey/Chicken


This is very hot in demand, virtually most of the average Nigerians will purchase chickens to celebrate this season, you can use this opportunity to buy them from poultry and you simply sell them to make profits.

There are various means to sell them, you can take them to a local market, people are definitely going to buy them from you.

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4. Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts during this period are always in high demand, they are always needed by schools, organizations to gift their students, staffs during the Christmas Carol event.

You can also purchase them from Aliexpress and you sell them out to make profits.

5. Drinks


During this period, drinks are always in higher demand, schools, offices or organizations need them to celebrate Christmas. You can buy them in bulk and you sell them to retailers. Profits are guaranteed.

6. Kitchen utensils


A lot of cookings will be done during this period of Christmas and there will also be a need to change kitchen utensils or purchase new ones, you can buy spoons, knives, ladles, and others in bulk and you sell them out.

7. Travelling bags

Families will be traveling and students will also be traveling from their various schools this period and due to this, traveling bags will definitely be needed for them to transport their belongings, you can leverage on this as a business inclined person and you sell them out to make profits.

8. Motivational books


Motivational books are always in high demand during this period since people want the new year to be in favor of them so they actually read motivational books to keep them motivated and to make their new year resolutions.

You can purchase motivational books in bulk and you market them properly, people would definitely buy from you and you will make profits.

9. Glasses

Glasses are always needed during this period since people will be going to beaches to have fun and you know that the sunray there would definitely be too much so they would buy sunglasses to protect their eyes. Parents also buy glasses for their kids.

10. Deodorants and Perfumes

These are always in high demand during this period, people want to smell nice and look good so they would definitely need deodorants and perfumes, you can buy them from Oriflame’s and you sell them to people.

You can make use of social media to market them, people are ready to buy them from you.

11. Wristwatch


I remembered when I was young, my mom would buy me and my sibling’s wristwatches for us to look good among our pairs. You can buy wristwatches in bulk and you sell them out. I can assure parents will buy it for their children.

12. Mobile phones and accessories

Every year people buy new phones, they get tired of their old phones, you can buy mobile phones or it’s accessories and you market them well since it’s high in demand people will buy from you.

13. Shoes

This goes with clothes, during this season shoes are always in high demand. People want to buy shoes to match them up with their clothes, you can import them from an international eCommerce website like Aliexpress or you purchase them in bulk from a local market here in Nigeria.

14. Haircare products

This is the period when ladies want to look good for guys, you can purchase hair care products since ladies need them, they will definitely buy from you when you market it properly.

15. Belts

Males and females make use of belts, you can easily purchase belt in bulk from belt dealers then you sell them to people that need them. I’m sure you will make profits.

Note:  When you purchase things in bulk the price gets reduced so It’s advisable to purchase them in bulk for you to make a lot of profits.


Now I will like to hear from you!
Which of the items do you find interest to sell?

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