How to Start a Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria

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Are you looking to start a dry cleaning business in Nigeria? Dry Cleaning is an industry that’s incredibly competitive, and getting your foot in the door will be difficult. If you want success for your company, then this article can teach you some simple strategies on how to kickstart it!

This article will teach you how to start one with some simple strategies.

1. Understand the basics of dry cleaning by considering how much money you will need to make each month, where you will get the money to start your business, and cost of running the business.

2. Determine the need for a dry cleaning business in your area.

Start by considering your proximity to a dry cleaning company. If you’re close enough, then it may not be worth the time and money because others will provide this service for you.

If there’s no such company nearby, then consider how many people in that area need their clothes cleaned and what they would have to do if there wasn’t an option available locally. You’ll want to check with local businesses, including shops that hire employees who often wear uniforms or suits on the job. They are likely candidates of needing dry cleaners!

3. Research and decide on what type of equipment to use.

The type of equipment you need will depend on the size and scope of your business. The most basic dry cleaning machine is called a “washer,” which removes dirt from clothing using either steam or chemicals, then it’s transferred to an adjacent presser for drying and pressing. This method usually only takes 25 minutes per garment! With this one piece of equipment, you can do everything that needs done at home without any additional tools required.”

A washer-press combo unit may be another option if you’re just starting out with few clients and can’t afford something larger right away. It combines the washing process, wringing, drying and steaming into one step.

5. Decide on a location for your business, including renting space. If you are looking for a location to start your own dry cleaning business, the first thing that is important is to find out if there is enough demand in the area. You should also take into account how much competition there will be for customers and space within that area.

6. Research and purchase equipment, supplies, and other necessities for dry cleaning business.

-You will need to have a lot of different equipment and supplies at the beginning in order to start your business. You may not know exactly what you’ll need until you do more research, but some basics include: hangers, laundry baskets or bins for carrying clothes from customers’ home or office; washers and dryers that are compatible with specific types of clothing like woolens and delicates (this is important because there’s special detergent for each type); lint removers ; chemical dispensing system if not using pre-measured liquid soaps; pressing table/ironing machine/furnace combo unit; steam press if desired).

7. Develop an advertising campaign

Developing an advertising campaign for dry cleaning business It’s all about how to make a dry cleaner more successful and profitable by using the right marketing strategies

How much does it cost to open a laundry store in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, opening a laundry store attracts the capital expenditure of between N150,000-N600,000. The cost is determined by where you’re located and how big your space will be. There may also additional costs incurred for construction materials depending on what type of equipment you’ll have (e.g., hangers) or need to install in order to operate your clothes cleaner efficiently.

What are some challenges with starting up an Laundry Store in Nigeria?

Some challenges faced by those looking into opening their own laundry store include;

  • shortages of qualified labor for hiring;
  • high turnover rates among employees due to low compensation packages;
  • lack of awareness


Laundry store in Nigeria is a really cool place to go! It’s always nice to see clothes being washed and dried so you know they are clean and won’t cause any allergies. Prices are reasonable as well! I would highly recommend this service if you’re looking for good quality laundry work! !

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