20 Writing Services to Offer as a Beginner: (Best 7 Figure Writing Service)

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The best side hustles from home are writing services. With the digital age upon us, more and more people are turning to freelance work as a way to make extra money in their spare time. \

There are plenty of writing jobs out there that pay well. For example, articles on popular blogs can earn you N2000-N300,000.

You can become a freelance writer and start making money through your writing, then this is the right place. Here you will find jobs that are directly related to your field and can help earn extra income for I need.

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In this blog post, you will learn 20 of the most profitable writing services that beginners can offer at home without having any experience or degree in journalism.

1. Article Writer: Article writing is one of the most common ways to make money online. There are thousands of people who have built their life around this method and continue to profit from it year after year. Write articles for online magazines, news publishers, business journals, etc.

2. Blog Writer: If you’re looking for a way to make money online, consider becoming a blogger. There are several ways of doing it through blogging like affiliate marketing, advertising on your blog and selling your own products. You can also write for company blogs or be a blogger for hire. Keep in mind, writing for blogs require different skills.

3. eBook Writer: If you are looking for a way to make money from home, writing eBooks has become an increasingly popular option. If you have experience with writing and publishing content online, this could be the perfect side business idea for you. You can write tutorials, guides, and strategies that get published as eBooks.

eBooks are a great way to make money online. Most of them are in PDF form and can be sold for prices ranging from N1000 to N100,000.

4. Fiction Writer: One of the ways to make money from home with the Internet is by writing stories and selling products online. As a fiction writer, you can make good money writing short stories and novels. You can start by write short stories, poems or even novels for other authors.

5. Web Content Writer: You can earn a good amount of money by being a Web Content Writer. You can earn a good amount of money by being a Web Content Writer by writing content for websites (eg: about pages, Privacy and terms of service pages, etc).

6. Copywriter: If you have a background in marketing or you know how to write content that catches the attention of their audience and persuades them to react accordingly, then you can get started by writing articles, email newsletters, blogs and even tweets or Facebook updates. If you’re an expert in online marketing, you can be a writer for brands to come up with great content for their online and print promotional campaigns.

7. Writing Translator: As a translator, you can make money by translating other people’s documents or web pages in different languages.. One of the best ways to do this is through ProZ. com, so I recommend it if you’re looking for a way to start making some extra cash.

8. Editor and Proofreader: If you like to write, and don’t mind editing other people’s work, then there are a number of sites that will pay you for this. I recommend looking at Upwork or Freelancer.com. You will be helping other people write great content by showing them their mistakes and improving the overall quality of the work.

9. Press Release Writer: If you’re looking for a way to make money in your free time, you can consider taking a is writing job by writing press releases on behalf of businesses and individuals who can’t afford to do it themselves. You will be writing professional and straight-to-the-point news articles for media outlets.

10. Ghost Writer: Ghostwriting is a popular way to make money online because it puts your skills in an area that you’re already knowledgeable. You will be writing books or articles and blogs on behalf of other brands or people and pretending as if they wrote the work themselves.

11. Legal Writer: If you’re interested in law and language, then a legal writer job might suit your skills. You will be writing letters and documents to be used by lawyers, judges and professionals who require them in their line of work.

12. Resume & Cover Letter Writer: If you have experience writing resumes and cover letters, then this could be the perfect job for you. You will be helping individuals with their professional development by providing them with tailored materials that would enable them to land a position in their desired field.

13. Product Description Writer: Write killer descriptions for products and services, works for both online and print.

14. Transcription Writer: Listen to audio files and convert speech to text. Or, write transcripts to be used on audio recordings, such as jingles and audio commercials.

15. Technical Writer: Write product manuals, documentations, technical guides, etc for non-technical people or company. The job requires a high level of English writing skills, understanding the subject and an ability to break down difficult concepts into understandable terms while maintaining accuracy.

16. Guest Writer: If you are interested in making money online, I highly recommend the guest writer position as itis a great opportunity to make some extra cash while sharing your thoughts and experiences with others on blogs, websites and online publications on a freelance or contract basis.

17. Academic Writing: If you are a student or have a degree in any field, this is the best job to make money online by helping struggling students to write their academic papers and college essays.

18 Proposal Writer: If you have good writing skills, you can make money online by pitching proposals for new products to clients and then working with them on the product or project once it’s been commissioned. You’ll need to know how to write persuasive copy in order to get customers interested.

19: Script Writing: Write short and long-form scripts for TV, film, video games and other media productions. If you’re a good writer, this could be the perfect opportunity to make some money by writing in your spare time while developing a successful career as an actor or producer.

20: Research Writing: Research writing is a form of academic writing that synthesizes knowledge from sources and integrates it into your own argument or thesis. It requires you to use research in order to support your arguments. Research Writing is another great way to start earning money online.

If you are interested, visit the website listed below and signed up to start making money online.

The Best Freelance Websites For Writers

1. Blogging Pro

2. Freelance Writing

3. Contently

4. IWriter

5. Contena

6. ProBlogger

7. People Per Hour

8. Upwork 

9. Fiverr

10. Guru

11. Craigslist

12. FlexJobs


You may be surprised by how much you could earn from writing services. The right types of projects, such as blog posts or articles for websites, can provide a steady income stream. If this sounds interesting and would make sense with your current skill set, give some thought about which type of project might suit you best before diving headfirst into freelancing full-time.

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